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and a meningitis outbreak. >> this is an lapd vehicle. good afternoon, i'm roberta gonzales on a marine convoy from san francisco to alameda. it's all a part of fleet week with mobile weather. >> look good, roberta. i like it. all right. as far as your forecast goes, cooler weather on tap starting to feel like fall all across the bay area. and even a chance of rain in our seven-day forecast. we'll snow it to you coming up. -- we'll show it to you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, connected with the fatal shooting of a u.s. border pl >>> federal police have arrested two men who may be connected with a fatal shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent according to a mexican law enforcement official. the deadly shooting happened earlier this week about five miles north of the mexico arizona border. agent nicholas ivie and two other patrol officers were fired upon after responding to a tripped fence. one officer was treated and released, the other not hurt. >>> stock prices are rising and retailers are reporting mixed results on september sales. overall, sales were up 3.9%. let's take a look right now at the dow.
roberta gonzales joins us now live from the coliseum with a front row seat. >> reporter: i found the best tailgate party in the entire coliseum! [ screaming ] >> reporter: the fans are jump on the bandwagon fans, they have been coming to games all season long. this is the 79th home game of the season and comes down to the last game of the season for bragging rights. who is going to win the title? >> oakland! whoo! >> reporter: the good guys today, we have so much more to talk about from the coliseum, that's coming up later on in the program. roberta gonzales, cbs. back to you in the studio. >> no kidding. >> great stuff, roberta. >> hope she gets some barbecue. >>> the as look it go out on top, on the other side of the bay it was all about make an entrance. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live from ocean beach, where the military landed in style this morning for fleet week. hi, anne. >> reporter: it was quite a show here in san francisco. now that multi-agency exercise has moved down south to moffett field, where city leaders and military leaders are working now with the national gua
and we got it. roberta gonzales joins us. it was beautiful. >> the weather is vitally important for the pilots. the blue angels, right, because we have have a ceiling that is seamless for the most part. we had a deck yesterday about 1,000 feet and we were hoping we did not have to scrap any blue angels plans as far as flying is concerned and what happened? we cleared out nicely today. in fact, let's take a look at some of those high temperatures across the bay area. right now 59 in pacifica. 71 fairfield. upper 60s in san jose after a high today of 71 degrees. fleet week continues on sunday with highs between 60 in san francisco and 63 degrees on the other side of the bay in oakland and alameda. we'll have partly sunny conditions and cooler. and then hardly strictly bluegrass festival at golden gate park again cooler dress in layers partly sunny skies in the low 60s. whatever you may have planned your daytime highs are coming down tomorrow in comparison to today. upper 60s at the beaches, low 70s across the bay and into 73 degrees in livermore and low 70s across the santa clara
. the hottest halloween costumes we'll share them with you still ahead. >> all right. roberta. thanks. the big board on a friday is up. that is good news. we have much more coming up. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, therapy with infants can be effective. researchers used intensive engagement with kids betweee ages of >>> a new study on autism says early invention with infants is effective. researchers used intensive engagement with kids between 6 months and 18 years, and showed greater brain activation. a study says it's possible to capitalize on the learning potential. infant brain. >>> there's a hot new workout routine that promises to help you lose weight, shape up and improve your health in just 10 minutes. nasa used it to prep astronauts for space. dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: some fast paced exercise. >> just feel a lot more energetic. >> reporter: jr runs, does yoga, even pilates. but five times a week she shakes it up, whole body vibration. >> i get toned, flatter stomach. >> reporter: invented by russians, it was used by nasa to help astronauts prepare for space. i took
. >> and that was roberta flack. >> that was roberta flack. who puts her music to hula, you. >> it seems like a easy tradition. many of our dances are accompanied by beautiful songs. my point is why should it just be in hawaii? >> it works. >> absolutely. >> and most people would expect to here, a u cue -- uca laically and hawaii is -- ukelele and hawaii. >> and you will hear the ukelele on our show as well and we move on to modern music. >> uh. >> like roberta flack or "i left my heart in san francisco." >> did you get a lot of slack over this? the traditional master? >> not so much. the thing is i don't mess around with the traditional chant and dances. and dancing to roberta flack is tony benson is not anything frowned upon. >> i am sure -- people expect to so them in grass skirts and leis and the traditional music as well and that is a departure, yeah? >> it is. and we run the entire gamut. you will see fresh, beautiful ladies and in grass skirts and something that is a departure from what you expect. >> it takes a lot of time like any dancer. many spend time perfecting their technique in bay la
officials will not come get you if the worst is at hand. >> all right. thanks so much. >>> and roberta gonzalez is watching the storm. has more on the path. roberta. >> reporter: we've been monitoring it for days. this storm system is not losing any kind of strength at all. in fact, the winds from the system, even though it's 500 miles offshore, the hurricane has winds that stream out 450 450 nautical miles. it's windy here in san francisco. the winds are reaching all the way towards ocean side to the south. that's a big hurricane. taking up a lot of real estate, look at the rain bans already. 60% chance of rain tonight in detroit. a better chance of rain even tomorrow. the hurricane moving in, curving in the land mass, making landfall around atlantic city. we know we can see a foot of rain in some locations. a very strong and high storm surge and power outages that could last for days. this is coinciding with a full moon. so lunar high tide as well. we'll continue to monitor the possibly catastrophic eventilator in the newscast. >> roberta, thank you much. >>> this video has been take
about that coming up. >>> roberta gonzales in the oakland hills just east of the bay where this is exact scene 2 years ago at the oakland firestorm. the lessons learned as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no-fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. and no headaches, hassles or confusion. all for one flat monthly fee. get rid of prepaid problems. holy names university campus on l >>> updating that breaking news in oakland right now, where holy names university campus is on complete lockdown, this is on mountain boulevard up in the oakland hills. police tell us that someone called in to say they saw a person possibly armed with a weapon on the campus. officers are searching the school right now. you can't see the video but moments ago we saw police officers with guns drawn going in and out of some of the buildings. they are inspecting the entire campus. chopper 5 overhead. a number of police cars on hand, as well. if we learn any more infor
because it's kind of pewy out there right now. >> roberta? >> we are at the embarcadero. i have to tell you something right now. first off, yeah, we have gray clouds behind me here as we look at the bay bridge but obviously i am wearing white. i know it's a fashion faux pas. women, we don't wear white after labor day. but there's a reason to my madness. we'll get to that. but right now it's your weekend and we have a changing forecast. so let's get right to it. first off we'll begin with current temperatures. it's obviously much cooler than yesterday at this hour. 64 degrees apiece in oakland and san francisco. it's currently in the upper 60s in downtown san jose with the sunshine. livermore full sun at 74. and santa rosa 70 with not much of a breeze. 66 degrees in concord. what you need to know as far as your day is concerned your weather headlines suggest only partial afternoon clearing around the central bay and obviously, not as warm by a good 20 degrees in some neighborhoods. we will experience the low clouds rolling back onshore all the way inland over night tonight and anticipate
for days. still to come, why he waited so long to call for help. >> roberta gonzales live outside willie mays plaza at at&t park where it's world series 2012. we have our giants playing host to the tigers as two-storied franchises vie for the title. the excitement is building and we have the details, coming up. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, of the year. boeing's optimistic outlook bucked te >>> welcome back. stocks are stabilizing today after one of its biggest selloffs of the year. boeing's optimistic outlook bucks a recent string of disappointments and boosted the dow this morning. right now the dow is down a little bit about 14 points at 13,087. >>> career builder is out with its annual list of the best cities to find work. san jose here in the bay area tops the list of cities with the most job growth since 2010. houston and austin, texas are second and third. and detroit, michigan, comes in at fourth. the biggest growth industries are energy production, technology and healthcare. >>> federal prosecutors are going after major mortgage companies. bank of america and countrywide. the $1billion suit
in with roberta gonzales in the weather center. >> 630 million people will be i want pacted -- impacted by hurricane sandy. which right now take a look at this. you can see it crawling up the eastern third of the united states. and it's threatening to smack that part of the country with the torrential rains, the high winds, the majored inning in the power outage -- major outages and the poweroutages one week before election day. between maryland and new england, but this is not just a coastal event. this is going to go well inland and as ann was noting it will collide with two other systems being a superstorm. up to 12 inches of rain is likely before much of this turns to snow inland. power outages with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour, and something else occurring and we also have a full moon. causing an astronomical high tide. which historians are actually saying rivals the perfect storm that happened back in 1991 and of course the movie was based on. so we'll keep our eye on hurricane sandy. ann? >>> all right robert that, tank so much -- roberta. theth thanks so much. we have an u
during batting practice. roberta o'kelley sustained a concussion. he is still expected to be on the field with roberta lowhe needs to b cleared by the team doctor. now, there is a surveillance video of a man that has exposed himself to the grocery store. the suspect seen here walking into a and exposed himself at another grocery store. both stores are west napa and he is described as caucasian in the '60s and '70s. and a goatee. new at 11, a 60 year-old woman was shot after this car chase. they tried to stop elisabeth after she ran a stop sign and she packed her pickup truck. into the police car and she triggered a car chase. she stopped a second time. collinsville road. she tried to drive through a sheriff's the oracle data opened fire. she was treated and released and placed custody without multiple felony charges. assault and battery-with multiple-felony charges. -- >> she is booked with felony charges. >> we are looking at the fog pushing inland. and tomorrow but we have a beautiful day today at the bay. temperatures were warming, significantly with the 70's and it could it have-15 de
yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. cbs 5's roberta gonzales ise at kezar pub in san francis. roberta, word >>> game one is under way between the giants and tigers. roberta gonzales is live at kezar pub in san francisco. now, roberta, word is there is a friendly wager of some sort? >> i just have to tell you i had the coolest assignment in the world today to find giants fans mingling with detroit tiger fans. so we found this place right here. i have to tell you it was so hard! we had to go to five different pubs to find this one of the so come on in here. here we are, of course, a sea of giants fans. but we have these guys here. who are you rooting senator. >> detroit! ! >> reporter: where are you from? >> detroit! >> yeah! >> reporter: very difficult to find tiger fans here in san francisco because it's not like a city where people really get transplanted from michigan to the bay area. but i have to show you, there's a little sign up there to show you if you are going to find a place where tiger fans gather it's here at kezar pub. i have to show you something uniqu
thunder and lightning. this is what it looked like in watsonville. and in gilroy, hail. roberta gonzales has been tracking the conditions. >> i'm going to zero in on a lightning strike just now detected. this is live radar data coming in. you see it right there near san pablo reservoir. the yellow, that's moderate rainfall. right there in the north bay, you hear the raindrops on your rooftops. we'll talk about how all this will affect the morning commute, later in this newscast. >>> a break in the case of a retired teacher, murdered outside her own bay area home. two people who may be connected to her murder are in custody tonight. that i were in a jail belonging to susie ko, reported stolen at the time of her murder. the arrests bring to an end what police say is a crime spree that spanned more than 1,000 miles. it began with a jail break in san bernardino county and ended in washington state. cbs 5 reporter sharon chin on how the pair was caught. >> reporter: the discovery of susie ko's blue subaru with a shotgun inside, the first glimmer of hope for her family since the 55-year-old re
in a row, weather moved across the bay area. this time we have rain to talk about. roberta. >> look what happened. in the last 30 minutes, the skies are cloudy. it's still breezy. it's still cool. but our live doppler suggests that we are now beginning to dry up. that is not so much the case in the overnight hours. we'll see a lot of unstable air mass, producing a light, scattered showers. random from the north bay to the eastern portion of our bay area. this is your friday afternoon when we finally begin to see some peeks of some sunshine. now, there's a big change in store for your weekend. we'll pinpoint that coming up later in this broadcast. >> thanks roberta. >>> if you have a new iphone, you have a privacy problem. it's a sneaky way for advertisers to track your phone use and know the solution is not in your privacy settings. we'll show you how to turn it off. >> i was like, they are. >> oh boy. the library was built on a promise that the tree would live. the sadness and the finger pointing now that the redwood is dead. new features. it comes with >>> turns out the new iphone d
place to go looking for a little cat. >>> all right roberta i don't know. yesterday i was wearing a sweater and today shirts and a t-shirt. >> after three straight days of nothing but clouds and isolated showers today we recovered ever so nicely with nothing but blue skies and really clean fresh air. it's live it's our cbs 5 weather camera. good evening, looking out towards oakland from the city of san francisco where the winds are increasing and temperatures dropped to 64 in san francisco. after realizing a high now of 70 which is spot on for this time of the year. currently in the mid 70s in redwood city. after realizing 76 in redwood city. 64 degrees downtown san francisco for the saturday night plans and the winds are picking up. on shore flow we remember at 17 miles per hour. -- westerly at 17 miles per hour. the extended forecast calls for the temperatures to warm each day but tonight. tumble into the 40s and the 50s with the areas of clouds. area of low pressure well to the north of the bay area banging up against the pacific northwest riding a very vigorous jet stream. we
where roberta gonzales explains what's going on. what do you have there? >> reporter: hi there michelle. it is 78 degrees in benicia and to give you a good idea exactly where i am, over there can you city in the distance? that's the carquinez bridge. and on one side of it san pablo bay. on this side of it that's the carquinez strait and that's where all these fishermen are telling me that this is the hottest place this side of the bay to be fishing for salmon. so i decided to come out and talk to curtis and pam hayes from benicia bait and tackle. why is this season so marvelous? >> this is the most fish we have will caught in many years in this area. >> reporter: why would you say that? i know that the salmon having running upstream in the sonoma area. >> yes. they're moving in from the ocean. the ocean fishing has been phenomenal this year. and we're doing very well out here, too. >> curtis, how does weather affect the salmon run? >> we don't want wind. it tends to muddy up the water. it makes it tough for the fishermen to throw the lures. and what we're looking for is some rain. >>
, roberta gonzales is live at the va medical center. they got some special guests today. roberta? >> reporter: on this cool autumn day everybody was inside warming things up. it was incredible to watch baseball commissioner bud selig, will clark the ceo of the san francisco giants larry baer, and they decided that some of the biggest giants fans of all happen to be veterans of all eras. so they came today one on one, handshakes, meeting and greeting the people who fought for our country. they are going to have a special ceremony tonight for baseball veterans who served for the united states, tommy lasorda jerry coleman another big baseball legend and also going to have a show narrated by tom brokaw called the greatest generation, all this support, game 2 at at&t park before first pitch a very special ceremony for a local veteran here in the bay area. so it was a marvelous day. bud selig told us an interesting stat today. you know we have been talking about pablo sandoval making history last night with three home runs? >> sure. >> he said nobody is talk about the fact he broke an
frankenstorm. hurricane sandy is expected to come ashore early tuesday, somewhere around delaware. >>> roberta is keeping an eye on that, as well as a tsunami warning. >> it's just amazing, because all of this has been developing and changing minute by minute. in hawaii, there's a tsunami warning. they're not taking it lightly. you have to remember in 2011 when a tsunami caused a considerable amount of damage throughout the hawaii island. this was all caused because there was a 7.7 earthquake in a rural area of canada. but nevertheless, it triggered the tsunami warning in hawaii. and we now have a tsunami advisory. 80 miles to the northwest of san francisco. it does encompass point arena and fort bragg. the advisory basically means monitor the conditions, stay out of the water. there could be some very large waves. there could also be some very large currents. this again is a developing situation, so we'll keep a watchful eye on that. >>> meanwhile, on the other side of the country, we have hurricane sandy, encompassing a whole lot of real estate. it's end, 450 miles. that's how far it extends
about that. >> still ahead at 9:00, one on one with grammy winner roberta flack. where is she really from? >> i thought washington d.c.. >> not true. the arlington native is back in town. first though, we sat down together for a look back at her long career and musical legacy. >> plus, a giant among giants. good morning day. >> game on the world series brought out history. of course we're talking about the kung fu panda and his night in baseball. and speaking of giants. a war of words is broken out. we'll delve deeper in a moment. >>> she's a five time grammy award winner. singer song writer and musician through such hits as killing me softly and the first time ever i saw your face. many of us feel like we've known roberta flack. >> she's in town. open up the pop's season. and yesterday i had the opportunity to sit down with her to talk about on and off the stage. ever have imagined the heights to which her career would soar. >> ♪ ♪ >> you were performing at the kennedy center at the mso for their opening. that's huge. >> it's beyond huge. >> so my question then for you is did
and roberta gonzales has been showing you the best of fleet week all week long. where are you tonight? >> reporter: tonight we're at little marina green. mobile5 came here earlier after beginning the day earlier on the other side of the bay bridge at landmark aviation. that's where i met up with some pilots because that's a staging area for all the pilots who will be participating in fleet week. and i went ahead, i got on the aerobatic plane and talked to the pilot about the weather conditions necessary in order for him to fly a successful mission tomorrow. you'll hear what he has to say coming up later tonight at 6:00. plus, we are going to take you on that exclusive ride aboard that aerobatic plane. we did 10 different maneuvers, 10 different rolls because as you know, paul, the question was pristine today for flying. will that be the case for these pilots? they tell me the restrictions as far as the cloud deck is concerned on saturday and sunday so all that still to come exclusively right here on cbs 5. reporting from little marina green, roberta gonzales. >> too fun. but my stomac
tuesday and wednesday. not every day we talk about weather and salmon. but we are doing this with roberta roberta tonight. good evening. >> reporter: hi paul. there are 2.5 weeks left in one of the best salmon runs in recent memory. okay. a little tip here. the sturgeon are biting, as well. but we went ahead and jumped on curtis hayes shrimp boat. you may ask why. the reason, well, it was a pristine gorgeous day today. but also, because shrimp is one of the best local baits around. so coming up at 6:00 tonight, we will take you on an exclusive shrimp boat ride seen only here on cbs 5. paul? >> thank you, roberta gonzales reporting live from benicia. beautiful weather and good weather for fishing i'll tell you what. can you spent a better day outside than on the water? >> so jealous. >> possibly some snow in the high country? >> 7,000-foot in the sierra. we are looking at a significant change about five days from now we'll be right back. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learn
this afternoon. some neighborhoods still getting wet. roberta gonzales tracking it all on hi-def doppler. roberta. >> good evening. all of the activity to the south of the san jose area gilroy with reported hail in that particular neighborhood as well. and this is our very latest live high-def doppler radar. you see the yellow, that's a heavy downpour that's now occurring between hollister and ridge mark and then when you start to see that cluster of orange right there, state park road the potential of a thunderstorm developing at this time. some of these thunderstorms have contained gusty winds in excess of 60 miles per hour. no rain falling within the immediate bay area. but the clouds are rolling in. the skies are darkening. we'll have your full pinpoint forecast and that's still coming up. >> all right, roberta. thank you. >>> checking bay area headlines now, 10 people are homeless following the two-alarm fire in san jose. witnesses reported hearing an explosion at the home near mabel just before that fire broke out this afternoon. four of the 10 people who live there were home at the time. t
continue on the cw. thanks, roberta. ...ahead, today the 49ers we the hammer... >> good evening everybody. yes, it's back and life, high def, we can pick up any kind of rain jobs. we have absolutely nothing going on right now. if we did you'd know it first. let's take a look at how we panned out across the bay area. we ended up topping off at 62 in san francisco, 70s common into the interior valley. we'll see increaseing cloud cover. a chance of showers returns to the 7 day forecast. it doesn't want to go anywhere but it looks like it wants to gradually dry it's position over california tuesday and that's when we introduce the inspirational vitamin chance of showers. fiftys tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. we have 58 in peterson and warmest east of the bay area. black hawk and in dan vail. upper 60s and 67 down from 75 today and so degrees below average in san francisco. slight chance of rain showers on tuesday and wednesday. it's vern glenn in the house. >> forty-nineers for the hammer and
appeared to be more on defensive for much of the face-off. will be per vigil in did roberta tonight remembering the victims of the d.c. sniper attacks. and people were killed over s in october of 2002. john allen mohammed was executed 2009. boyd malvo now serving a life sentence in a virginia prison. funeral services will be held today for three members of herndon family. killed in a murder-suicide. there was a viewing wednesday before the woman and her two sons. albert peterson killed his wife himself.before killing police investigating an attempted abduction involving a middle school students in bowie. school principal sent a letter parents saying wednesday sports, a man in a red abduct a student as was walking tour bus stop. approached her several times and to get into his car. refused and ran to her bus away.nd the man drove parents are upset about an county transportation plan. within a mile of the school and older students a mile and a half must now walk to school. parents say it's dangerous. school system said that it to conduct ary transportation efficiency study. a critical
, they are wondering about this heat that we have. roberta gonzales is here with a look at our forecast. roberta? >> reporter: and yes, to see the full moon tonight, it's a big giant to give us this moon, called the harvest moon. and one month from now when we need to see our next full moon, that even has the title called the hunters mode. it is just glorious out this because we have the cheer skies today. we have temperatures, anywhere from 68 degrees from half moon bay to 84 degrees in san francisco. a record high of 100 degrees in livermore and fairfield. 90 in san jose. bottoming out into the 50s for the most part into the lower 60s. we are seeing the cool down with the longer nights. now meanwhile clear skies and the overnight hours for you tomorrow. we're going to see a slightly hotter day. and i do say hotter when you need to put the emphasis on hot, especially in the inland areas. tomorrow the heat wave will peek and we'll see the cooler temperatures by the enof the week. now, how about some records? really no chance of that in santa rosa or san francisco. livermore and oakland took a st
, roberta gonzales is reporting live from the a.l. west champion stadium. >> hi, paul. we are on the field. in fact the oakland as just finished up some of the last celebrations right there on the big bump. the pitchers mound. and in fact the officers just asked the last remaining fans to leave because they have been partying here for an hour after the oakland as wrapped up this game. and now officially called the 2012 american league west champions. i got to tell you the game today 58 degrees, i'm wearing a jacket now because i'm freezing. i was green. in champaign and in fact if you want to know what it's like to celebrate inside a locker room here's what it was like. whoo! i took one for the team, guys. took one for the team. it burns your eyes but it felt so good. today's game was sold out at 58 degrees. last night was 87 degrees sold out two sold out games this whole season and i bet it will be packed for the next game here. for the weekend giants at home much cooler conditions. from park, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> what a great story. dennis will have more in sports. "moneyball
and thursday. one of of these big events this week is fleet week and reporting live from alameda is roberta gonzales. good evening. >> reporter: hi there, paul. actually i was in alameda a little earlier today because we had our convoy from san francisco with the marines to alameda. then i made my way back here because i'm now aboard the macon island in san francisco. this ship is huge. it's basically a city on water when it is out at sea. it is about 840 feet long. [ signal breakup ] roughly about the size of three of football fields back to back. coming up at 6:00 tonight, only right here on cbs 5 will you see this. we are going to take you on a personal tour of the flight deck and only other way you can see that is if you come here for fleet week from tomorrow through sunday. reporting from the macon island in san francisco, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >> big stuff. >> yeah. >> so much going on it's almost mind numbing. i might watch a movie stay home. >> exactly. rent a dvd. >>> julie? >> well, stretching your paycheck at the grocery store just because they claim it's healthy doesn't mean
providing the perfect back drop for all the weekend events. roberta gonzales is here with the forecast. it's gorgeous. >> it was amazing as driving over the bay bridge heading west into san francisco, could you see in the bay a number of sailboats, more than ever before. what a pristine day. wonderful backdrop as ann said across the entire bay area. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards america's cup, the cats that are racing on the bay as well as all the looky-loos enjoying the beautiful sight. only seen here in this part of the country. we do have a little bit of a wind out of the west up to a good 10, 15 knots steering these boats along. water temperature is 59 degrees. air temperature is 62. upper 50s at this hour in san rafael. 70 san jose. around currently in the low 70s in the eastern portion of our bay area inland. now, somebody said we have a baseball game tonight. in fact, it is matt cain on the mound for the good guys. heading out to at&t park, game time is 6:37, you dress in layers. it will be 65 degrees at first p
swaps throughout the bay area. >> thank you. >>> all right. roberta, i was just contrasting the way it looked in l.a. for dave lopez and how it looks outside behind us. >> they have some rain showers across southern california, as well. all associated with this same area of low pressure that's been hanging out for days and days and days, and it's finally going to kick out in time for your weekend. good evening, everybody. it's live, it's our cbs 5 weather camera, and we are looking out towards that -- look at this, heavily valley, the same system -- heavily valley, the same system that brought us rain overnight brought snow to heavily and heavily. -- brought snow to heavenly and kirkwood. we'll be able to see the subset at 6:35 temperatures into the 60s. winds flat. so friday night will be dry. overnight, mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we will start off gray then sunshine and then warmer conditions each and every day. the rain is out of here 40s and 50s overnight lows. the cold front brought us rain for several days out of here now. now we have high pressure firmly building in strengtheni
. we are coming up on a big anniversary of one of the biggest disasters ever to hit bay area. roberta gonzales is live with more on that. >> reporter: paul, this is gateway garden pavilion. this is an actual staging area for family and friends and neighbors of this buckingham neighborhood in the oakland hills. this staging area is the direct result of a lesson learned in the wake of that oakland firestorm. that lesson? that there was complete lack of any kind of communication between neighbors and family members. it was completely chaotic. so that is one lesson. we wondered about other lessons learned. so we called on oakland fire department battalion chief robert lipp. hear what he has to say about the lessons learned on the anniversary coming up with this oakland firestorm that's on cbs 5 tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, roberta. personal story here. my wife's friends lost their house in that fire and they recounted to me many a times the chaos that was there. people just didn't know what was going on and all this happened incredibly fast. >> it did. >> thank you. >>> well, every hour
. with more on that roberta gonzales is live tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. i'm outside the golden gate bridge at marina green and this is a flash mob. well, kind of sort of. it is le dinner ala san francisco. all these people back in march went online and bought tickets to a pop-up picnic at $25 apiece. then it was only 2 hours ago people were informed where to gather for the picnic. they bring the food, drink and must wear white. now, the only thing that's surprise supplied is the table and chairs. coming up at 6:00 we'll take you inside this big party. 4200 people are expected tonight. right here in marina green own though it's a foggy friday night. >> looks like a blast. thanks, roberta. how come we weren't invited. >> we didn't wear white. >> guess so. broke the rules. >>> it's one thinghave a problem with a vehicle you have been driving for a couple of years ago. it's another thing when that vehicle is brand-new. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with the story of a little mini with a big problem. >>> reporter: >> well, it never really felt right t
wednesday and thursday. best seat in the house is at&t park where you find roberta gonzales under beautiful blue skies. good evening. >> reporter: it is such another exciting night here at at&t park. in fact, as i look out towards mccovey cove, i have never seen so many boats in the bay. our day started earlier this morning when we tagged along with the legends from the san francisco giants and representatives from major league baseball. we headed over to san francisco veterans medical hospital for the legends of the san francisco giants to just meet and greet some of the veterans who fought for our country. so we have some of those responses coming up for you later on tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. there was also some pre-game celebrations for those world war ii veterans. we'll have all the highlights coming up later on at 6:00. roberta gonzales outside at&t park. >> a lot of baseball stadiums around the country. >> that one -- >> we are so fortunate to have that stadium here to watch a baseball game in my opinion easily the best in the country. >> pretty incredible. >> good food, t
. although we know it's on its way. >> all right, thank you. >>> roberta has been following sandy in our own weather forecast for us. roberta? >> yes, with sandy, again, you have to remember that the winds do extend now out 510 miles, which is just unconceivable, making it the second largest hurricane in the atlantic ocean. that's what it looks like, 510 miles. let's see if it is windy here in san francisco with the storm. those winds could stretch all the way south as far as san diego. that's how much this hurricane is picking up at this particular time. what randall was referring to is just the outer edge edges are swooping across -- outer edges of new york are swooping across. as far as the path is concerned, it will take a little bit of a curve to the east and then move on shore making landfall. somewhere around atlantic city. that's what we do anticipate. a foot of rain easily. chester peak bay has already seen that with the big hurricane. the wind gust will be up to 70 miles per hour. right now the sustained winds are at 75. gusts are up to 90. we'll lose a little bit of that impact on
of the huge events going on is fleet week and roberta gonzales found a big ship and sailors on the ship. roberta. >> reporter: paul, mobile weather bright and early this morning 9:00 right here in san francisco, where i actually boarded an lav, like a tank and i was with the marines and we began a convoy from san francisco all the way across the bay bridge to the uss hornet in alameda. and our mission was to deliver the vehicles there. so fleet week can also take place on the other side of the bay so people can check the vehicles tomorrow friday through the weekend right there. now we made our way back to san francisco. i'm outside this big old ship. it's called the macon island about 840 feet long. home to 2,000 troops like a city on the water when it's out at sea. our photographer went up to the flight deck and took a look around totally amazing is this ship. and this ship actually brought in a particular individual. he calls it home. born and raised in vallejo, gunnery sergeant jason dowd is with us. welcome home. >> thank you. >> reporter: been a marine for 11 years, yes, that's cor
's look to roberta for that. >> reporter: we have been flirting with triple digits all day long. good evening, everybody. so far not a official reading in the triple digits but we are close. the coast is clear. nothing but seemless sunshine. high pressure, the key component, continuing to expand over the western states end result, off shore winds blew the stratus out over the open waters t waters. it is out there. 200 feet off shore. so, we have the sunshine and a look at the current conditions right now. 99 degrees from livermore, san francisco, it is at 73. average high this time of the year, 70. yesterday at this hour, it was 62 degrees. santa rosa, sporting 49 degrees. all of it comes at a price. we have yet another spare the air day for our monday, especially away from the bay in the eastern portion ever the bay area and into the santa clara valley where we have the trap close to the surface. the hottest day of this miniheat wave still to come. we will pinpoint that coming up. >> thank you. >>> a new poll shows that californians are reluctant to abolish the death penalty. propos
1 and we will see triple digits. roberta is here with details. >> a couple more record high temperatures as well. today we had one record high temperature and as a result of this flow we have some pretty skies tonight. lots of clarity out there and this is the harvest moon, we are able to capture it all over the bay area. and we also have another moon, the hunter's moon, next month. few low 60s from mountain view into the valley. your weather headlines, clear skies tonight. monday slightly hotter conditions. and then extended forecast calls for a cool down by the end of the week. now san francisco, i don't believe any chance of a record there tomorrow. livermore and oakland chasing old records established in 1952. and san jose tops off in the low 90s. area of high pressure, huge dome and it continues to incompass the western states. -- encompass the western states. the winds are coming from the north and heading out towards the ocean. they are dry, dry out the air mass, so the humidity goes down and temperatures go up and so does the potential for fire danger. your numbers f
will install a more head stone for free. bay area. and this time - it's a little stormy. roberta - what have we got t there? >>> weather moving across the bay area, this time a little stormy outside. >> plenty of showers and even some embedded thunderstorms being reported east of the bay area. a whole lot of that gray on the screen. where you see the precipitation moving from the east due west, it's wraparound moisture. low to the south of the bay area. around the fairfield area, american canyon beginning to clear out. the areas of yellow are moderate downpours, lightning strikes around vacaville. and discovery bay in 10 minutes, you should be hearing more raindrops on your rooftops! we'll continue to tell you about the impact this'll have on your morning commute a little bit later. >>> lance armstrong part of the most sophisticated doping program in the history of sports, according to a report today from the us antidon't think agency -- antidoping agency. a mountain of evidence includes armstrong's own teammates. >> reporter: the report not only shatters armstrong's image but leaves little dou
. the questions police say not to answer and why. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, i'm roberta gonzales, taking a look at the days that will pop into 90s 90s as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, an exotic bird at a famous s vegas casino. police say these >>> two uc berkeley law students have been arrested accused of killing on pattic bird at a famous -- exotic bird at a famous las vegas casino. the two 24-year-olds decapitated him in the wildlife habitat at the hotel casino. witnesses say they saw the men laughing and tossing the bird's body around. now this is a picture of what a helmeted guinea fowl looks like. the video captured the men chasing the bird into the trees. >>> don't listen to anyone going door to door asking about home alarm systems. that's the warning from oakland police. they say those people could be casing homes for burglaries. someone complained about a man wearing an official looking orange vest that read oakland public safety. he asked how up-to-date their alarm system was, whether it was monitored and if it was tooked up
for a niners game then go on vacation. and hope help out friends. roberta wants to pay off her car and arrange a family reunion for her elderly parents. we go to lucy who says she would take her cub scout pack to disneyland. can i join you? some lucky person going to win $49,000. i know cheryl you're committed. you'll be here despite the weather. i suspect larry will be on the beach trying to soak up sun. >> that would be nice. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> i love generous viewers.. >> yes. >> we have more still to come. including a study revealing stopping adhd treatment in boys in mid stream. >>> sky 7 live over san francisco bay. we've been following a yacht that well, it was going to be in america's cup next year but it's flipped over, cap sized. mast broken off. you can see the boat in the for ground there now trying to tow it back. the golden gate bridge is far away. the current is making this operation a nightmare. but no injuries reported. the crew is handling this and you can see there are guys on board what is left of the yacht. >> we're going to bring you updates on abc
were to win. frank h says: get best seats for a game, go on vacation. roberta wants to payoff her car. lucy would take her cub scout pack to disneyland, take me too. >> you have to wish them all good luck. >>> still ahead, the fancy footwork of another star comes to an end on "dancing with the stars." . >>> coming up at 3 on katie. then at 4 the one small thing you can do everyday to help prevent cancer. and then at 5, local firefighters are doing more than just wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month. see what else they are doning to raise money those stories and more today at 4 and 5. >>> the vote is in, palin is out. >> on dancinging with the stars -- on dancing with the stars bristol palin was sent back to alaska. >> voters favred alley. >> eight couples go on the dance floor live next monday at 8:00 right here on abc7. >>> before we go, wayne freedman in st. louis for the game just tweeted a picture of lights going on getting dark because of the storm coming. >> i wouldn't doubt if it is rained out, we'll see. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a
. let's check in with roberta for the gazing conditions. can we see it? >> yes we can. away from the bay and away from the coastline. that will be your best viewing of this meteor shower. inland best because that's where we have the clear skies anticipated for the bulk of the overnight hours. you can see 20 meteors per hour beginning after midnight up until about sun up tomorrow. and this is again all because earth is passing through halley's comet dust. try to look to the south. again, the south. that's in the direction of san jose, morgan hill. that's where you'll see 20 meteors per hour. in the southern, we'd be able to see as many as 40. this shower does take place from october 15th to october 29th. but the best viewing happens to be overnight tonight, peaking at dawn tomorrow morning. >> thanks so much. >>> the san mateo bridge is closed for seismic retro fitting and repairs. you are looking at a live picture at the bridge where the work began last night. in recent years become standard operating procedure to close bridges on weekends to do necessary repairs and upgrades. 12 thirty
. money. >> it will pop up on ebay. all right. let's check with roberta gonzales. >> we still have lots of clear skies. the best viewing will be away from the coast, once the low clouds and fog develop. this meteor shower does peak in the very early morning hours of october 21, which is tomorrow. for your inland areas, that is the best viewing, because we do have the low clouds and fog gathering along the seashore. this is what you can anticipate. 20 meteors per hour. this is earth as it is passing through halley's comet dust. the best place to look, go into your backyard, away from the lights. try to look in a southerly direction in san jose. the best time, again, early tomorrow morning. bundle up as you're heading on out there too. >>> the san mateo bridge is closed this week for seismic retrofitting and repairs. you're looking at a live picture of the bridge. in recent years, it's become standard operating procedure to close bay area bridges on weekends to do necessary repairs and upgrades. 12 30-foot sections will be replaced. the work stems from a crack in a major support girder. >
to mix it up with robin. no nhl, roberta, but we've got the nhl and two goalies going mano-mano. >>> recently we discovered unedited cbs 5 videotape that captured the big game's most memorable moment 30 years ago. dennis o'donnell remembers the play. >> reporter: it's the week of the 10th rally for stanford and cal. it's all about the big game. but as big game moments go... >> we're down to the 20. he's out of the field! he's going to go into the end zone! >> reporter: nothing compares to the play. >> the bears have won! >> reporter: the year, 1982. the place? cal's memorial stadium. what happened here during the final four seconds of that game might be the most remarkable play in the history of college football. >> as soon as that play happened, you knew it was going to be remembered three years, 30 years, 300 years from now. >> reporter: and now, a startling fresh perspective. cbs 5 has uncovered a treasure trove of unte did ited videotape of what went down that day. >> it looked like a movie set. it was a packed house. >> reporter: star john elway on the sidelines and in
. >> that's it for us, "60 minutes" is next. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. >> roberta, thanks for telling us that. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
with a real star. roberta donna was named esquire's chefer of the year. he beept out -- chef of the year. he beat out chefs from all around the country. he's the executive chef of al dente which is located 3201 new mexico avenue northwest. it used to be, if you remember, sutton gourmet in that little shopping center. now it's a fak louse new tall -- fabulous new italian restaurant. they even have gelato and italian desserts and great pastas. and of course the pizzas. what are you preparing? >> these are one ever the dishes -- of the dishes we served for the "esquire" magazine. we prepare fresh mushroom. you can use port bellow. -- portabella. almost the same. olive oil, garlic, parsley. black pepper, salt. a little bit more olive oil on the top. >> that's it? >> that's it. italian cooking is good ingredients and technique. >> that's very simple. then you wrap it up and no fancy dish? just wrap it up in aluminum foil? >> like that you put it in the oven at 400. depends on the size of the mushrooms. usually it's between 12 and 15 minutes. >> that's all? >> then you just bring it in front of yo
winner roberta flack in town to perform with the national symphony orchestra and sat down wa with allison seymour to talk about her success and the role d.c. played in that. >> and my decision to leave the teaching field and become a professional performer of pop music, rock music, r&b was made in d.c. and that is made because of the support from audiences that used to come and see me at mr. henry's first and -- on capitol hill. >> she's perform at the kennedy center this week and can you see her entire interview on and click on mornings. >>> >>> the giants pound the tigers in a record-setting world series performance in game one. scott smith is on deck with the sports edge. a michigan woman said she's having some halloween fun, but her neighbors say it's at their expense. she's written her neighbor's names on tombstones and placed in her yard. one said rest in peace nosey neighbors. two others have the initials of nosey neighbors she happens to have the biggest issues with. anncr: which do you believe? what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself
into tuesday. it's not every day we talk about weather and fish. but roberta gonzales is doing just that tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. yes, it has been one of the finest salmon runs in recent memory and sure, the weather has a lot to do with that. first stop unseasonably mild conditions bring out more fishermen and secondly lack of wind helps the fish lines not get all tangled up. but what we also discovered out here today is it takes a good local bait like shrimp so we jumped on board curtis hayes shrimp boat and invite you to come along. >> i invested in this boat a year ago. learn how to do it, and now i get my own shrimp and i don't have to rely on anybody else or split it with anybody else. [ ding, ding ] >> 30 feet deep so we are going to let out the between 90 and 100 feet of rope here. i do this because i own a bait shop. cheapest best way to keep bait in my shop is by me going out and getting it myself. don't look too bad. don't look too bad. might get lucky here. hopefully bullhead but we'll probably get some crab, maybe some shark, maybe some bot
. likely you remember it and roberta gonzales is live now to talk about the lessons learned from the oakland hills fire. good evening. >> reporter: paul, this is gateway gardens pavilion. this is the staging area that was actually built in the wake of that oakland firestorm. it was built because it was a lesson learned. the neighbors, the friends, the families that lived in the buckingham neighborhood around here one thing that we learned is that they had no communication with each other during that very dire emergency situation. now they can come to the staging area. so this was one lesson learned. but we wanted to know about other lessons so i called on battalion chief from the oakland fire department. i asked him about that. >> amazing rate of spread. the fire jumped the freeway which was sort of unheard of, a span that huge. so the winds as you said before, everything was just the perfect conditions for the catastrophe to happen. they figure a house caught on fire every 11 seconds. >> reporter: october 20, 1991, 3,642 homes destroyed. but more importantly, 25 lives were lost.
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